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Jeep Wrangler JK 4 door 2-12" vented downfire


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Unlike the other "one size fits all" Jeep boxes out there which fit the YJ, TJ & JK series, our product is a perfect fit for the JK and JK series ONLY.

This sub box is down fire for good loading and vented for high SPL and deep bass output.

The sub boxes are spray coated in black truck bed liner.

This sub box sits on the wheel wells against the back seat and spans all the way across the Jeep leaving about 8 inches of space under the box.
With this sub box you are still able to carry your roof panels in the rear.

Enclosure Specs

Mounting depth: 10.75"

Mounting hole diameter: 11.15"

Air space: 2.0 cubic feet per side/sub

Port tune frequency: 35hz