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* 3rd & 4th gen "2002-2018" 1500, 2500 & 3500
* 5th gen "2019-up" 2500 & 3500  Does NOT fit 1500s
* 2019-UP "CLASSIC" 1500, 2500 & 3500

1" seat lift kit is included and is required for proper fit.
Subs with large diameter frames will require trimming of the opening by the installer.
Popular subs: No particular order
Alpine: Type S & Type R
Punch: P2
Kicker: Comp C & R
JL Audio: W1, W3
Sundown: EV3, SA Classic
Skar Audio: IX, VD, DDX, SDR, SVR & EVL

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gregory Overby
Great Box

This company really knows their stuff!!! This box is exactly what I needed!!!!

Alan Delgado
Awesome box!

Very nice sounding box, exactly what I was looking for. Nice deep bass response. Still surprised by the small 8" subs. Good build quality on the box everything worked out great.

Cody Evanson
Continued Cody E.;

More updates; decided to add a larger alt. because my OE alt was 130amp. I purchased a 220amp alt from a salvage yard ($120-ebay) off a 2015 ram 2500/3500/4500/5500. Replaced the 2015 terminal capacitor with a new one designed for my 04.5 (Part#-9990-1003, $9.00). Slapped that 220 alt. in and at full tilt, the 2 Group 65 CAT 2306368 lead acid batteries I have under the hood are dipping into the mid 13’s for voltage. So, I added some lithium. Purchased used Headway 38120 cells from Built a 48ah battery bank. Built my own bus bars out of ¼” aluminum. Built battery box out of ¼” plywood, bought balancer off Amazon ($20/ea).

Placed the 48ah lithium bank behind rear seat between the sub box and rear of cab. 48ah Lithium bank was too long to fit in between seatbelts so made 1, 32ah lithium bank and 1, 16ah lithium bank and connected them in parallel to be the 48ah I originally planned. Had to build/modify more bus bars, buy another balancer. Ran out of 0ga OFC and had to run 4ga OFC. Then ran out of red 4ga OFC and had to use some random 4ga OFC I stole from another project of mine for the final lithium GND. to chassis. Voltage stays pretty well stable at 14.5 now. And it all fits out of sight and helps a TON! 2 runs of 0ga OFC off positive side under hood batteries to fused splitter, positive Lithium banks to same fused splitter. And 1 Negative run of 0ga OFC to under hood batt. ground to negative terminal block located under front passenger side seat. Directly behind sub amp. Ran out of OFC to run lithium GND to negative terminal block, ran lithium GND to chassis. Figured I have right around $200 in material for the Lithium addition. $130 on the 220 alt. Add another $130 for 0ga OFC, ring terminals, etc., etc. Still cheaper than buying two XS D6500’s @$420/ea or two XS D3100”s @$500/ea

So, with good voltage, I decided to add an Audio Control Epicenter. Just to see if I liked it. I ABSOLUTELY DO! So under the front passenger side seat, there is a flat, steel, plate that links the seat brackets together. That is where I mounted the Epicenter. Pretty much directly on top of my sub amp. And still about ½” clearance between the top of the amp and the bottom of the steel plate where I mounted the Epicenter. Took PWR., REM., and GND, directly off the amp to power the Epicenter. And CCA 1’6” RCA cables I had lying around. I thought it was loud before….HOLY SHIT!!!! Just buy the Epicenter! You wont regret it. At full tilt on the Bass knob, and Epicenter, Voltage is still steady at 14.5. Those EVL-8’s are really moving now. And have not gotten smelly is the slightest. Will absolutely be upgrading to larger sub amp. These boxes are amazing!

Cody Evanson
Continued; Cody E.

here are a few pics of the two Fox boxes I have under the rear seat of my 04.5 Cummins. texture differences of box coating and amps under front seats. a D4S JP234 for mids and highs under driver seat. Side Note, automatic drivers seat does rub amp if seat is low enough. I also have amp on 1/2" or 3/4" riser for air flow and and a Taramps Smart 3 Bass for the subs under front passenger seat, no riser as amp has dual fans. Seat clears amp in all direction.

vehicle jack and tire iron went into tool box. I honestly believe these 3 EVL-8's can take more that the Taramps is providing and will be upgrading to a D4S JP43 as soon as they are on sale again. maybe even some DD 608's for subs.....

Cody Evanson

2004.5 Ram 2500, Cummins. Bought 2-8” box to use in conjunction with the Fox Box driver side, single 10" enclosure I bought a number of years ago. Got the Fox Acoustics 10" to 8" adapter ring for the 10" enclosure. Now running 3-8" woofers. 3 Skar EVL-8D2's @1.33ohm total impedance powered by Taramps Smart 3k Bass.

When comparing it to the single 10” ive have for years the new one was completely assembled and then a very thick layer of bed coating was painted over the whole thing. So if I wanted to remove the plastic cover, Like Ruben did in another review, I’d have a hell of a time doing so as all the screw heads have been painted over with a thick and very, very textured coat of bed liner. I had to use ¼” foam under the sub’s mounting flange to get a decent enough seal to the box that air wouldn’t escape between the mounting flange and the box. That being said I would absolutely buy again. One down fall I failed to consider, my old single 10” enclosure port exits directly into the side of the new 2-8” box. I don’t know what effect that will have but these enclosures and subs are loud! I listen to mostly metal, bands like Pantera, Slipknot, Machine Head, Devil Driver, Amon Amarth, Testiment, Double Kick drum is what I prefer.

Listening to that music on 3-8’s is amazing! I can feel the double kick drum in my taint. I had to give this set up a whirl on rap/hiphop just for giggles, it shakes my steering wheel, it shakes every damn thing. My jaw literally dropped from the amount of bass I was experiencing. I will have to get pics and videos for the folks who care.